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11 fun activities to do with your children during your stay in Hunawihr

The wonderful Alsatian village of Hunawihr and its surroundings are full of places where children can have fun, wonderful parks, gardens, castles and museums to discover. 

Here are 11 of the best activities for children around Hunawihr:

The Automobile Museum:

Internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious museums in the world, it is undoubtedly a jewel among the museums of Mulhouse. It presents more than 430 exceptional vehicles, including 150 Bugattis. It’s the first automobile museum in the world!  Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, all the prestigious brands are exhibited there. The museum will offer visitors a unique and impressive panorama of the automobile industry, from its beginnings to the present day, with pride of place reserved for the car considered the most prestigious in the world, Ettore Bugatti’s Royale.

During your visit with your children, enjoy activities, videos, simulators, play areas or even a classic car driving course…

The Ecomusée d’Alsace:

The Alsace ecomuseum is a museum entirely dedicated to Alsatian culture. The ecomuseum is extremely lively. You have the impression of being in a large village, walking through the streets, stopping at artisans and traders (blacksmith, carpenter, barber, etc.) and coming across a few farm animals. And this is also the mission of this ecomuseum: today, the Ungersheim ecomuseum is the largest open-air living history museum in France. It was designed and organized like an Alsatian village from the beginning of the 20th century. In the village, you will find working artisans, such as the potter or the blacksmith. Other houses are run by guide-interpreters or volunteers. The program of exhibitions and activities is very varied and changes regularly, so don’t hesitate to return again and again.

The Little Prince Park:

The Little Prince Park – Report from July 21, 2014 – The installations – © Michel Caumes

Both playful and poetic, in an environment inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the Parc du Petit Prince in Alsace offers a bouquet of serenity and thrills just a stone’s throw from Mulhouse.

The Little Prince Park hopes to attract 150,000 visitors per year with its hot air balloons, slides, live foxes and sheep and high-tech educational tools around the surreal story of a boy with golden hair who lives on a planet a little bigger than him.

The park is built around two anchored hot air balloons – a nod to the succession of planets visited by the hero of the story – which will lift visitors 150 meters into the sky to enjoy the view of the Vosges.

Back on dry land, attractions range from the natural – petting animals – to the avant-garde, with a 3D cinema and interactive dialogue with computer-generated book characters. Little ones will love the animals, especially at the fox burrow and the sheep field.

Monkey Mountain:

The Montagne des Singes in Kintzheim, Alsace, offers a unique visiting experience, immersing you in the fascinating world of Barbary macaques. Since 1969, the park has been a delight for young and old.

Not far from the majestic Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, in the middle of the Alsatian hills, the monkey park La Montagne des Singes extends over 24 hectares of forest in an exceptional setting. In this picturesque place in Kintzheim, more than 200 Barbary macaques, also called “Magots”, live freely and visitors can walk among them in complete safety.

Children will love sharing the joy of this unusual and original attraction, by coming into direct contact with the macaques, seeing them eat, communicate through sounds and facial expressions, and perform acrobatics. Young and old will be amazed to see these endearing, curious and greedy animals up close. They will not hesitate to approach visitors, who can give them some of the popcorn provided at the entrance!

Europa Park :

Europa-Park is the amusement park not to be missed during a stay in Hunawihr. It is located in Germany, very close to Alsace. This amusement park, a European theme. It is built as a reconstruction of Europe, with different zones per country. You will walk between Swiss chalets, white and blue Greek houses or even on an Italian square. It’s fun and very well done! Europa-Park is a leisure park for the whole family. 

Among the attractions of Europa-Park, you can try 13 roller coasters, including 2 aquatic ones, such as the Alpenexpress, the Swiss Bob Run, the Atlantica SuperSplash or the Eurosat. There are also dark rides, like “Atlantis Adventure” or “Whale Adventures – Northern Lights”, two interactive courses. Of course, you will also find carousels, including the pretty Vienna Wave Swing. There is also: the London Bus, a pendulum ride representing a reproduction of a London routemaster bus; two fall towers; car circuits; river rafting and log flume attractions, such as the Tiroler Log Flume, etc. It’s impossible to see everything in one day!

The Butterfly Garden:

Filled with colorful fantasy, the Butterfly Garden is home to exotic butterflies living free in lush gardens. More than 200 species of butterflies from the Alsace Wine Route, but also from Africa, Asia and America, live in greenhouses designed to imitate the butterflies’ original climate. Many rare plants from around the world bloom here from May to October, and are home to tropical frogs, stick insects and chameleons. Your visit supports this project and allows you to better understand the life of butterflies. Educational programs led by volunteers and staff help you understand the need to conserve endangered species habitats.



It is in the heart of the vineyard, in Hunawihr, that NaturOparC welcomes you for a pleasant visit in a green setting… For more than 40 years, this animal park has worked with passion for the preservation of endangered local species, such as the White Stork, the European Otter or the European Hamster, but also for raising everyone’s awareness of biodiversity, thanks to many educational materials! The adventure began in 1976, with the primary objective of safeguarding, including breeding and reintroduction programs, endangered local species, such as the Stork, an emblematic bird of our region, Alsace, followed by the Otter. Europe and now the European Hamster. Resolutely focused on conservation, NaturOparC invests without counting, whether financially but also humanly, for the preservation of regional biodiversity but also public awareness.

The Flight of Eagles

Installed in the ruins of the Kintzheim castle in 1968, the Volerie des Aigles was able to respond to an environmental but above all human problem. Following unjustified destruction campaigns and expansive agriculture, the raptor population has seen its numbers fall alarmingly. It was from there that the 1st aviary in France decided to open its doors with the objectives of restoring the image of these animals to the public in a fun and educational way, of reproducing them and supporting conservation actions. of biological diversity.


Cigoland is a small leisure park and animal park located in Kintzheim, a small Alsatian village located next to Sélestat in Bas-Rhin. Created in 1974 by Jean Pierre Willmann, it is a park intended for families with attractions and shows (audiovisual, circus) intended for all ages. The park has numerous shaded areas and an outdoor play area for children.

The Train City

The Cité du Train – SNCF Heritage (formerly the French Railway Museum), in Mulhouse in the Dornach district, is the largest railway museum in Europe2. It is also a French national museum. The museum contains the only global collection of the history of French railways. Located in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), it is the continuation of the “French Railway Museum” (from the former name of the association). Today, the association is called Cité du train – Patrimoine SNCF and is responsible for preserving the main parts of the SNCF’s historical heritage. The Cité du train today houses a collection of more than a hundred railway engines and vehicles from all eras on 60,000 m23. Regularly, certain pieces are transported throughout France, and presented to the public on the occasion of various railway-themed events and commemorations (fiftieth anniversary of the world speed record, European heritage days, etc.). Since spring 2013, a miniature passenger train, on a 7 1/4 inch scale, allows you to travel astride a circuit within the museum4. A Decauville steam locomotive can tow a small convoy carrying up to 24 passengers. The Oignies Mine and Railway Center association carried out the renovation [ref. necessary]. The “Brotherhood of Steam Lovers” ensures its maintenance.

Mulhouse Zoo

The Mulhouse Zoological and Botanical Park is one of the oldest zoos in France. Founded in 1868, the Mulhouse Zoological and Botanical Park celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018. When it was created, the horticulturist GEIGER Père was entrusted with the arrangement of the spaces (earth movements, paths, fences) and the creation of the plantations. Between 1873 and 1882, creation of a botanical garden. From 1885, tree and shrub species were labeled. In more than a century, it has grown, evolved, experienced abandonments and successes…

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